1970 MUSTANG MACH1 VALUES                            Mach1 are priced with 351- 2V ( H Code )

Body #        Body Style/Interior               1               2             3             4             5           Body Code
63C                      Mach 1                         38,400    30,200    22,000    16,000   10,000              05       
63C              Mach 1 with 428 CJ           53,750     42,275    30,800   22,400    14,000             05       

All prices in U.S Dollars.


  Add $500 to $1,000 for 351- 4V ( M - code ) in Mach1
                                             Add $ 2,500 for air conditioning
                                             Add $1,000 for Drag Pack
                                             Add $1,500 to $2,000 for shaker ram air scoop


# 1 CODE: Fully restored, wich describes a Best of Show at a large Mustang car show. The undercarriage and engine
                     compartment have been restored and detailed to like new. Some original cars fit this category, but they are
                     merely detailed, and have not been restored.

# 2 CODE:  Fully restored, or a detailed original, as #1 above, but there is evidence of wear. The undercarriage and
                     engine compartment have been detailed, but they have flaws.

# 3 CODE: Partially restored, or an excellent original. The body paint and interior look sharp. The engine is cleaned up.
                     The casual observer will see no fault with these Mustangs.

# 4 CODE:  Unrestored, or an older restoration showing a lot of wear. The seat will show obvious wear----- maybe a rip.
                     The casual observer will readily find fault with these Mustangs, but the car is presentable.

# 5 CODE:  Unrestored, and showing major wear. These cars are still driveable, but need major work to be sharp looking.

Appraisal suggestions

Notice that no matter the rated condition of the vehicle, this guide cannot price Mustangs wich are either incomplete or rusty. Incomplete cars, then are worth the charted value, minus the cost of parts and labor to replace what is missing. Likewise, rusty cars are worth the charted value minus the cost of parts and labor to completely repair the rust, if that is possible. Often this cost can run more than the value of the car.

Also, notice that restored car have both undercarriage and engine compartment detailing. Therefore, partially restored cars that have been fixed up, such as with new seats an paint, cannot rate either a #1 or #2 condition code. The value of these Mustangs begin with #3.

And finally, certain best of show, national concours champion Mustangs are worth from 50% to 100% more than the charted values listed above...